Our Brews

Impound IPA

Our house IPA. The Impound IPA is a classic example of an American style IPA.


Golden Ale

This American style Golden Ale is the base beer for our Shandy. The grist is comprised of Northwest Pale, Wheat, and some light Crystal malt for complexity.

Goldie is bittered with Magnum, followed by late kettle additions of Saaz hops, which add a subtle spiciness. Original gravity 12 degrees Plato, Final gravity 2 degree Plato.

Hook Up


Hook Up Shandy

Our version of a shandy. It’s our Goldie Hops blended with a locally made, citrus forward soda. A delicious and refreshing beverage for a hot summer day. Or makes a beautiful cocktail with some of your favorite spirits.

Horse Power

Double Pale

Our house beer is a Double Pale Ale. Northwest Pale malt starts out our grist, followed by some Munich, Aromatic, and Light Crystal malts to round out the flavor. This beer is bittered with Magnum, followed by late kettle additions of Cascade, Crystal and Celeia, which adds a depth of flavor and complexity to this beer.

11267503_608947892579564_9101226290522914239_nWho’s That? 

Award Winning Brown Ale

Inside outside come around…Who’s that?? Browwwwwwwwn. Who’s That highlights all the classic characteristics of a Southern English Brown Ale that include toffee, nutty, bready, and roasty notes. This session Brown Ale, clocking in at 4.7% ABV, is an easy drinker for the Fall season.


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